Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Since Steve is taking the CDL class at Richland, Friday nights I'm on my own.  Well my mom and dad and RJ took pity on me and invited me to dinner. :)  We started out at Coney McKane's and decided it was a holiday weekend so we needed to continue celebrating.

We headed to Sliderz for a few beers.

 Ando joined us!!
 And so did Jen!
Steve met us back and Mom and Dad's, but as you can see I was feeling pretty good! :)

Saturday we headed to BWW to watch RJ, Garrett, and Ando try to "Ride the Rail" (or drink 1 of every draft beer they have there - 20 16oz beers to be exact!)  Well...Garrett got cut off while we were there and we had to leave to head to Adam's surprise birthday party!

Jessica did a great job getting everything together...she had Taco Bell tacos and nachos and lots of alcohol. :)  It was great seeing a lot of people we haven't seen since our wedding and some even longer than that!  Steve had a great time, as I was the DD so he felt wonderful when he woke up Sunday morning.

Sunday was spent sitting by the pool (it was too cold to get in) at Mom and Dad's.  We had delicious food and played some games.  I took a nap while the rest of them watched movies. :)  It was a great Sunday and we had one more day of the weekend!!

On Monday we headed to check out Courtney and Travis' new house!  It was great seeing Jaxon (and Courtney and Travis of course!).  We grilled out and watched movies.  It was the perfect end to a pretty perfect holiday weekend.

Next weekend we're heading to St. Louis to a Cubs/Cards game and to spend some much needed time with Raker!

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