Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

Last weekend we headed down to the St. Louis area to spend some time with the family. :)  Since it was Good Friday I had the day off so Steve and I headed down to Edwardsville around 2 to hang out with R.J. and Jess.  I feel like every time I go down there I must subconsciously think I have to drink like I'm in college. :)

When we got there we decided we needed to start the festivities off right.  We headed to Bull & Bear.  It's a nice little bar that has joined the Edwardsville area since my college days.  We had some drinks and nachos (my fav!!) and then headed to Red Robin for dinner and to meet up with Kaitlyn and Jon.  Red Robin is one of my favorites restaurants so anytime we're within 30 minutes of one I make sure we make it there!  Here's some pics from dinner. :)

We obviously had to have some fun wiht Lady Liberty! :)

On Saturday we headed into St. Louis to watch the Cardinals play.  At dinner the night before we decided we should buy Ando a ticket to the game for his birthday, so he and Aardog caught a ride with my mom and dad on the way down.  To prepare for the great day ahead Steve, Jess, and R.J. started the morning off with some Jager Bombs...always a good idea!

We met up wtih everyone at the Hilton downtown and then headed to lunch at Caleco's (it has become a tradition to go to lunch here before every Cardinals game...they do have the most amazing pizza!). 

After the game we headed to Paddy O's to dance the night away (oh yea..in case it's important, the Cardinals lost to the Reds 5-3).  Obviously I don't go to the games for the baseball. :)  Here's a few pics from the night.

The guys!

The Girls!

Obviously some amazing singing and dancing going on!

A pretty amazing group shot!

Mom dancing with the birthday boy! :)

On Sunday we came home and headed to Easter at Steve's Aunt Carol and Uncle Jerry's house with the whole Doolin clan.  No pictures from that day as I was just trying to keep from falling asleep (I was a little hung over).

Now off to make dinner...we're having barbecue chicken quesadillas (I know it sounds weird but kinda delicious at the same time) and sweet potato chips.  We'll see if Steve likes it. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Champaign for the Weekend

Last Saturday we drove to Champaign with the fam to meet up wtih Melissa and Thomas to go out in their town.  Before starting the party, I had to make a trip to Old Navy.  They closed the one in Decatur over a year ago and I haven't made the trip out of town to go since.  If you know me at all, you know it's been killing me!!!

After my retail therapy, we met up with Melissa and Thomas to start one crazy night.  Thanks to Melissa and Thomas for helping me really experience my first time out in Champaign!  Here's a few pictures before we went out.