Monday, June 20, 2011

Mango Salsa Monday

Steve is one of the pickiest eaters I know, but he loves Mango Salsa.  He would never eat anything in it by itself, but everything all mixed together must do something for him. :)

The ingredients: Peppers, Red Onion, Mango, Dry Italian Seasoning, Black Beans, Corn, and Lime Juice

Be sure to rinse the Black Beans.

Isn't it so summery and pretty. :)

You just chop all the vegetables, mix the Dry Italian Dressing and a 1/3 cup of lime juice, pour over all the veggies, mix, and enjoy.  I add a little cilantro on top just to make it pretty. :)

Dinner was a grilled chicken taco salad with refried beans and mango salsa on top.  It was delicious!!! :)

Father's Day Weekend

Last weekend was spent celebrating how great Steve and I's dads are!! 

Friday was spent just laying around the house...Steve got out of class early so we got to go on a run/walk together.

Saturday we headed to my mom and dad's to celebrate father's day with my dad.  Side note: I really have the best Dad in the world!  He is one of the most giving and unselfish people I know! :)

Mom and I planned a feast for everyone.  We had chicken, steak, baked potatoes, Uncle Poke's pasta salad (which I did pretty good for it being my first time making it if I do say so myself! :) ), garlic bread, salad.  It was amazing!!!!  Kaitlyn and Jon were able to come into town too, so Dad had all his kids there!

This is the only pic I got of the food...when Mom said all the food was ready
I dug in!! :)

After dinner, Steve and I had an appointment to meet Jodi to look at 3 houses.  I had already been through them all and it was up to Steve to make a decision.  I had told him which my favorite was in hopes it would sway his vote. :)  He's the best husband in the he picked the same house I did.  We put in an offer...and 4 hours later were the proud owners of our new home!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

This is the picture from the realtor website...when we move in I'm sure I'll post tooons of pics!  I just can't believe we finally found a house that is perfect for us!!!

On Sunday Steve, Trish, Courtney, Travis, and Jaxon came over for a Father's Day brunch.  I made egg casseroles, hash browns, bacon, crescent rolls, waffles, and fruit.  Once again I forgot to take pictures of this day...I really need to get better at getting my camera out!!

After breakfast we all laid around and watched True Grit.

 Steve and I had went and saw it in theaters, but it was just as good the second time.  I'm not a western girl, but I loved this movie!

After everyone left, we headed to visit my Uncle J in the hospital.  He had quadruple by-pass on Friday and was still in the hospital.  They said the surgery was a success! We're just praying that he gets to go home soon.

After the hospital we met Mom, Dad, and RJ at Buffalo Wild Wings for a late lunch/early dinner.  Wings and fries are the perfect dinner for Sunday. :)

It was a great weekend! We spent time with both our families and bought our first house!!!!!! :)

Steve takes the CDL driving test on Wednesday.  He has 2 jobs lined up, but neither are at places he would want to work.  So on Wednesday he'll be driving all over Decatur looking for a job. 

Monday, June 13, 2011

House Hunting

We officially started looking for a house!!!! I called Jodi last week and she is now helping us look.  This is the most exciting/nerve wracking thing I've ever done!

Friday my mom, dad, Steve, and I went and looked at a nice bi-level.  It was a nice house, with a great layout, but a toooon of wall paper.  We're going to go look at a couple more houses and hopefully find the perfect house for Steve and I!

After house hunting, Steve went to his CDL class (only 1 more week), and I went to dinner with my parents.  We ended up back at my parents' house and had some drinks and hung out with R.J., Jess, Ando, and Aardog.  It was a good night just sitting around hanging out.

Me and my momma!

Mom and I might have drank a big bottle of wine! :)

Mom and I made a feast for everyone :)

He's a stud!

On Saturday we headed out to Courtney and Travis' for a joint Steve's graduation/their housewarming party.  It was great to see all the Doolins that we don't usually get to see. We had some great food and a couple drinks. :)

Amber, Shannon, Traci, and I. (It's a little dark...Steve's not the
best photographer!)

On Sunday we played in the Macon County Fair Mud Volleyball Tourney.  Steve, I, Jess, R.J., Jessica, Lance, Ridgeway, and Courtney had a blast!  We went 1-1 but we're all covered in mud at the end!  It's definitely something we'll do next year!

This week is going to be playing sand volleyball and house hunting!  It's Steve's last full week of CDL truck driving classes, and then he'll take the test next Wednesday.  He's getting really excited and nervous, but he can't wait to be a truck driver. :)

Cards/Cubs Game

Last weekend we headed down to St. Louis for the best rivalry in baseball!  We went and looked at a house :) and then took off to meet up with Raker and Mike.

Once we got to St. Louis (through all the construction!!!) we headed to the hotel to have a few beers and lunch before we went to the game.

It was a great day for baseball...100 degrees and no breeze. :)  But we had a great time!

Me and my sexy husband! :)

Me and Raker after a few beers!

After the game we headed to Paddy O's to enjoy the rest of the night.  Well we were there for a couple hours and I was needing food (like 3 hours ago)....

Paddy O's!!!!!

I have the cutest husband!!

Maybe after a few beers... :)

Molesting the statues!

We headed back to the hotel and passed out at 10:30 PM.  I had a great time, and it had been waaaay too long since I'd seen Raker!