Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Steve works..while I play!

Steve has been working crazy I've spent my weekends working on the house, mindless hours on pinterest, and recently partying with my family! :)

We headed out to Sliderz when Steve got off work...

And met up with Jaci and Amber to celebrate Preston's birthday!

Halloween with the Lehews

On Halloween night we headed out to Cerro Gordo to go trick 'or treating with Courtney and Jaxon.

Jaxon and Uncle Steve did some wrestling..

Then we headed out trick 'or treating with our little nephew skunk...

Mama and Baby Skunk!...

Dress Shopping and Halloween

I headed over to Springfield to go WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING WITH K-DID!! :)

Mom, Cindy and I met up with Kaitlyn at David's Bridal...she found a few dresses that she liked but we could tell she didn't think they were "THE ONE".

The dress she liked at David's Bridal.
We then headed to Candice's...and we found the one!!  She hasn't decided what hemming and things she going to do to it...but it looks absolutely perfect on her!!!

She's thinking of doing the short hem with this dress!
After dress shopping we headed to Peoria to go out on the town with Raker in our awesome viking costumes! :)

So proud to call him my husband :)

We had a blast!!

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping with Melissa

Steve and I headed over to Springfield for 2 reasons...

Bridesmaid dress shopping with Melissa (for me)

Celebrating Thomas' birthday (for both of us)

Old picture...but it's still great! :)

We headed to Dublin's Pub for was a delicious!  Then we headed out to one of Thomas and Melissa's friends house to sit around a fire.  It was a great night!!  I can't believe they'll be moving to New Mexico in less than 3 months now.  We're going to miss them like crazy!