Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas came and went so fast this year.  I don't know if it was because we were only home one day before the celebrations began or just because we're getting old. :)

Christmas Eve Eve (yes it's a holiday :)) Steve and I spent the night drinking Mimosas and making food for the weekend to come.

My Christmas tree cheese ball.

Christmas Eve we headed over to Barb and Brett's to celebrate with Steve's family.

Steve & Sadie.

Uncle Steve and Jaxom :)

Jaxon playing with the racetrack we got him.
After we left Barb's we headed to Mom and Dad's to spend the night so we could all wake up Christmas morning and open presents.

Steve had to put on his new Natty Light hat.

Don't ask what my husband is doing..because I don't know!

Our family!
After opening presents we headed to Grandma's for presents and breakfast.

I forgot my camera so this is the only picture I have.

Monday we headed back over to Mom and Dad's for the Bonds' Christmas.  I didn't take any pictures, but it's definitely nice seeing little kids open presents.  There's just so much joy! Maybe in a few years we'll have some of our own to watch. :)


We spent 4 days in Vegas celebrating this guy's 21st birthday!

The first night was nothing but drinking and gambling...just as Vegas should be!

I obviously had a blast! ;)

The next day we walked around the mall in Planet Hollywood and Caesar's Palace.  We saw the talking statues in Caesar's Palace while we were there.

After a quick nap, we headed to a club to do some dancing and drinking for Derek's birthday.  We finally found a spot that wasn't wall-to-wall people and started our own dance circle. :)

The next day we headed out to tour the Hoover Dam.  On the way we were able to stop at the Vegas sign and snap a pic!

The Hoover Dam was absolutely amazing! And it's one thing we can now cross off our bucket list.

After we got back from the Hoover Dam we headed to Harrah's to check out Toby Keith's bar.  We went there the last time we were in Vegas and knew we had to go back.

The next (and our last) day we headed to tour the old downtown.  It was awesome, and I definitely want to spend more time there the next time we go!

Mom, Dad, RJ, and Ando went zip lining.

We took a limo to and from the old downtown...and Steve's real classy next to Grandma. :)

Ando and RJ pimpin' in the limo.
Our last night in Vegas Steve, Mom, Dad, and I headed to the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur.  Steve wanted to see it so we decided to go watch some knights fight and eat with our hands.

Mom's not as drunk as she looks :)

We had a blast in Vegas!  It was definitely nice to get away for a while.  I don't know if we'll decide to take a vacation right before Christmas again...but I couldn't have asked for a better first vacation as a married couple. :)

Ridgeway's Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

We headed out to the legion in Cerro Gordo the Friday before we left for Vegas to show off our amazing fashion choices.

There was some amazing food, sweaters, and people that we don't get to see often enough!

Don't we look spiffy! :)

Everybody rubbing Amber's pregnant belly.  She's due in about a month with their 2nd.

Steve and Courtney looking amazing!
We had a great night and it ushered us right in to Vegas in PARTY MODE!