Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Recap

The last couple weekends have been spent packing, laying by the pool, and spending time with family.

Steve and I took a trip to Springfield for the Taste of Springfield.

Yep...that's Miller Lite we're drinking. :)

We hung out by the pool...

and even played some floating beer pong..

Steve's Grandpa Ewing passed away last week.  So the last couple days were spent celebrating his life.  He was a great man that will be missed by many.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

'Cause Baby You're a Firework!!!!!

4th of July Weekend!!!!
Last weekend was spent mostly laying by the pool with a cold drink in hand. :)

Friday we went to dinner with Mom and Dad and then went to their house to play some cards.

On Saturday, Kaitlyn and Jon made it into town.  We spent the day laying by the pool, frying ourselves (Well, at least Steve and I did.  Everyone else seemed to be perfectly tan.)

Yea, we're really that red, that's not photo-shopped. :)
After swimming we headed to BWW's for some great food and a few cold beverages. :)

On Sunday, I woke up ready to party! :)  We lounged around outside, and finally got some use out of the floating beer pong table.  RJ and Jess made it back into town, after celebrating RJ's birthday in STL.

Yep, he's a stud!!! :)

Best purchase Mom's ever made!

Yes, Dad lives the good life. :)

We ended the night with glow sticks and fireworks....two of my favorite things. :)

On Sunday we went and saw Transformers 3 with Stephanie and Dustin. 

It was amazing!!! Definitely worth the $10/ticket it cost to go.  (I know! $10/ticket is ridiculous!!!)

After the movies we headed to Scoville Zoo to meet up with Steve, Travis, Courtney and Jaxon to watch the fireworks on the lake. 

It was a great weekend!  I definitely took advantage of all 3 days off!!! :)

Drunk as a College Kid...

June 24-26

Friday night we met up with Mom, Dad, Grandma Betzer, Melissa, and Erica at McGorry's Golf 'n Grill.  After dinner, Mom decided we should go have some drinks...and I didn't disagree. :)

So, Steve, Mom, Dad, and I headed to the Wharf for some drinks.

We ended up staying so long...we ordered some Walleye, Catfish, and Cod...the Wharf has the best fish!!

After leaving the Wharf we decided we weren't done hanging out.  So Mom and Dad headed over for some pretty intense games of Euker. 

 Obviously we were having a really good time! :)  It was a great night spent with my favorite people!! <3

On Saturday, Chad and Brynn got married.  So, we headed out to our 2nd wedding as a married couple!

It was a beautiful wedding and we had a great time! Afterwards we headed downtown to the weekend block party..but it was raining so we ended up spending the night inside Katz.  We ran into Tonya and Zach, and RJ, Jess, and a bunch if his buddies.  It was a good night and Steve had a great time since I was the DD. :)

On Sunday we headed to the Little Theater on the Square with Mom, Dad, RJ, and Jess to see Footloose!

It was a great show...even Steve liked it! :)  We went to dinner at Jibby's afterwards.  It was a great end to a pretty amazing weekend!! :)