Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Birthday Weekend!

Turning 26 was a little harder on me than any birthday has ever been.  I don't know if it's because I'm not considered in my late 20s...and I'm just want step closer to that big 3-0.  We decided to throw a little cookout to celebrate. 

RJ was on spring break the week before, so Mom, Dad, and I all took a 1/2 day Friday and we spent the afternoon bowling and enjoying the day!  We had lunch of Buffalo Wild Wings, and then headed to Pla-Mor for some bowling.

The girls...doing jello shots.

The guys.

Great form! :)

Steve couldn't get time off work, so I just had to go on without him. :)

On Saturday we got ready for a cookout, in honor of me getting old.  The Grandmas were able to make it, along with Uncle J, Mom, Dad, RJ, Jess, Kaitlyn, and Jon.  Steve and Trish made it, too.  We had a few friends over afterwards and played some drinking games in the garage and just hung out.  It was a great weekend...but it took me a while to recover, which told me I'm definitely getting old. :)

John McCulough's 30th Birthday

Saturday night we spent with the McEldowneys celebrating John's 30th birthday.  Gina threw him a surprise party, and it was great time!

Me & Mom

Dad, Uncle Bob, Uncle Nick, and RJ

All the McEldowney men!

Weekend in St. Charles

We headed down to St. Charles to visit Kaitlyn and Jon, so the guys could do a little paint balling...and well the girls could do a little drinking. :)

We did some drinking, beer pong playing, and lots of laughing!  It was a great weekend! St. Charles is such a great town.

Our First Anniversary: The Best Year of My Life!

I can't believe we've been married over a year! Some days it feels like our wedding was yesterday, and others I feel like I can barely remember it..

We both had Monday off, so we took full advantage of a 3 day anniversary weekend.  We decided to eat the same as we did on our wedding Italian on the 18th, and Mexican on the 19th.

Saturday we got all dressed up and went to dinner at Pastabilities.  We filled ourselves to the brim with salad, breadsticks, and pasta!

Yes, we take self-portraits in our very messy bedroom.  We're those people.

After dinner we came home and watched most of the 1st season of "The Big Bang Theory".  Marriage has really broken us out of our shell. :)

On Sunday, we headed to do some bowling (how we met!) and eat some Mexican at Carlos O Kelly's.  Mom and Dad joined us, and we had a great anniversary afternoon.

When we got home, we watched the slide show from our wedding and our wedding video.  It was a great anniversary weekend!  I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such an amazing husband!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Steve's 29th Birthday

Saturday we got together a group of our family and friends to celebrate Steven's last birthday in his 20' is he getting old!! :)

Rake, Steph, and Jen all made it!

At least Jon and Ando tried to smile

Mom, me, K-Did, and Rake

We all met at Coz's and then after dinner headed to Spare Time for some Moonlight bowling....

Steve, Me, Dustin, and Steph

Me and Court!

Steve showing off his amazing bowling skills

Most of the girls!

My amazing bowling skills

Raker and I keeping it classy!

Everyone's have a great might be alcohol induced :)

The fam!

Happy birthday to the most wonderful, loving and selfless husband in the world! I love you more than anything :)

Shuffleboard Tourney at the Hogan's

Last Saturday we headed over to the Hogan's for some pretty intense shuffleboard...

The girls!

The guys!
We started off by drawing for teams...of course Steve and I somehow ended up together.  We were just meant to be :)

The tournament ended with one heck of a shot by Mike...and Mom and Mike took the crown from Andy and Janet.

It was a great night with the Hogans!!  We definitely need to plan another very soon!!

Sunday we woke up...hungover.  But it was Superbowl Sunday!! So we headed over to Courtney and Travis' to spend some time with Jaxon and watch the Giants' kill the Patriots! You know I love me some Eli!  It was great to see Jaxon and I can't believe how much he changes every time we see him.