Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas in January

Last weekend we headed down to St. Louis for a Blues' hockey game for Mom and Dad's Christmas present from all of us brats. :)

We took off early so we would have plenty of time to relax (have lunch and a few drinks) before the game.

We went to Maggie O'Brien's for lunch and had some amazing food and some good drinks.

R.J. has really small hands...or this might be the sweetest pitcher we've ever had!

Cutest couple award.

We had a lot of good drinks...

And might have had a few more...
After Maggie's we headed back to the hotel for happy hour.  Drury Inn in St. Louis is the best hotel ever...3 free drinks at happy hour and free breakfast the next morning..can't beat it!

After happy hour we headed to cheer on the Bluuuuuuuuessss!!!

The game was so exciting Mom had to take a nap half way through to rest up :)

Me and Mom celebrating the win!!

The game was pretty boring but it ended in a tie so we got to see a pretty awesome shootout! The blues ended up winning 3-2!!  It was a great weekend spent with pretty amazing people!  Best Christmas present we've ever given my parents. :)

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