Thursday, September 8, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

We spent Labor Day weekend camping with Melissa, Thomas, Erica, Derek, and a bunch of their friends near Turkey Run in Indiana. 

Right when we got their Saturday, we started the weekend off right... :)

Melissa had a really sweet outfit on :) and Derek said we had to get a picture.

After this, my camera did not make another appearance :(

Saturday we went to a local lake and swam, then went back to the campsite and had a few beverages.

Sunday we woke up and went on a canoe trip! It was fun, definitely an experience.  I figure if Steve and I can make it through bossing each other around on a canoe we can make it through anything! :)

Unnecessary, but cute picture of me and the hubs...

We got up early Monday and headed for home.  We were met with a surprise when we got home...a clogged pipe!! We called a plumber and were charged a ridiculous amount for him to do nothing.  Mom, Dad, and Steve Sr. headed over and had everything working in about an hour.  Thank God for great parents!!!!!!!

It was a good weekend, with the exception of the whole plumbing problem.  Not sure if I will ever camp again...this girl was made for hotels and restaurants. :)

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